Assistance for Students with Disabilities

Accessibility is a core value of the entire institution, but it is a special focus for the college’s Access Center for Disability Resources. This department provides academic support services and reasonable appropriate accommodations to students with a variety of disabilities.

Another important part of the Access Center’s mission is helping students with disabilities make a successful transition from high school, where documentation and advocacy were often the responsibility of their school and/or parents, to college, where students become their own advocates, assuming responsibility for their own accommodations and educational goals.

In addition to the Access Center, Waubonsee also has a Delta Sigma Omicron chapter on campus, which is open to all students interested in advocating on behalf of or working with individuals with disabilities. The college also offers courses in Disability Studies.


Access Center for Disability Resources

Sugar Grove Campus

Student Center, Room 201

(630) 466-7900, ext. 2564

(630) 405-6110 Video Phone

Fax:  (630) 466-4649