An e-file accommodation provides students with an accessible version of textbooks. E-files can be used with a screen reader to read the material aloud. Another feature of an e-file includes the ability to enlarge the text. The Waubonsee Community College Bookstore orders e-files for students that are signed up with the Access Center and are approved for e-files.

Submit E-File Requests

  1. Go to the Bookstore’s website or refer to your course syllabi to determine which textbook(s) are required.
  2. Purchase the textbook(s) from the bookstore or another source and save the proof of purchase.
  3. Complete an E-File Accommodation (EFA) Request Form available on mywcc Resources.
  4. Submit copies of this form, proof of purchase, VISA3, and current course schedule to
  5. The bookstore will request the e-file(s) from the publisher.
  6. An email will be sent to the student’s Waubonsee email address when their e-file is available. The notification will include information about how to access the e-file.



Access Center for Disability Resources

Sugar Grove Campus
Student Center, Room 201
(630) 466-2564
(630) 405-6110 Video Phone
Fax: (630) 466-4649


Sugar Grove Campus Store
Dickson Center, First Floor
(630) 466-2908

Aurora Downtown Campus
First Floor
(630) 801-7900, ext. 4174