Academic/Departmental Organizations

Students in Student Nursing Association (SNA) and Alpha Delta Nu participate in fun activities at Aurora Fox Valley
Students in Student Nursing Association (SNA) and Alpha Delta Nu participate in fun activities at Aurora Fox Valley

American Sign Language
The organization’s purpose is to increase the signing and communication skills of members while developing leadership and personal growth. It also hopes to build rapport with the Deaf community and increase awareness of both interpreting and Deaf culture.

  • Sponsors “Silent” events
  • Workshops for members

Cassie Coburn, DWNTN 364, ext. 4114
Katie Thomas, DWNTN 366, ext. 2350

Art Club
Art Club provides students with opportunities to creatively express themselves and to take part in artistic cultural experiences.

  • Campus activities and
  • Field trips for members

Advisor: Heather Weber, BDE 130, ext. 2873

Automotive Club
The Automotive Club's purpose is to bring awareness to the many areas of the automotive industry.  It will also supplement information in areas of the automotive industry that our curriculum does not cover.  In the club, we hope to bring experience and knowledge to students interested in the automotive field by being an active part of the local automotive community, taking tours of automotive related businesses and facilities, attending automotive events, hosting training opportunities, and build relationships within the automotive industry.  The club will meet once a month and have two meeting times so full and part time students have the ability to be involved.
Jim Armitage, AKL 100, ext. 2308
Kenneth Kunz, AKL 100, ext. 2331
Guy Tiberio, AKL 100, ext. 2731
Rudy Haverkamp, AKL, ext. 3113
JP Murray, AKL 106, ext. 2304

Business Club
Business Club is a professional style club that encourages students to become successful innovators in the business world. It is for students of all experiences and majors as the information is pertinent in any professional position. In addition, this club has service opportunities and student-led trips. The club will meet every other Thursday, with additional meetings as needed, based on demands of the club. 
Direct Email:
Kelly Robar, APC, ext. 3113
Sean Warren-Crouch, APC 274, ext. 5757

Ceramics Club
The ceramics group provides activities and speakers to expand student knowledge of the field.

  • Sponsors visiting artist events
  • Spring and fall ceramics sales
  • Field trips to SOFA and museums

Doug Jeppesen, CER 104, ext. 2505

Creative Writing Club
Waubonsee's creative writing club meets once a week (Wednesdays at 12:30pm in the Student Life office) to share and workshop writing, organize literary field-trips and other events, and publish Waubonsee's literary magazine, Horizons. Creative writers in all genres — from poetry, fiction, non-fiction, drama, lyrics and all other types of writing — are welcome to join. Members are committed to improving each other's writing and increasing the presence of the written word on campus. Any student who wishes to participate in the publication of Horizons should consider joining this club.
Daniel Portincaso, BDE 119, ext. 6695

Waubonsee Early Childhood Education Club
This group gives Early Childhood majors the opportunity to extend their classroom knowledge to their field of study.
Linda O'Connell-Knuth, APC 278, ext. 6698
Carla Diez, BDE 252, ext. 2311

Future Healthcare Providers Club
The club's goal is to promote the field of medicine, encourage community service, provide resources and enhance career opportunities within the healthcare field.  All interested students are welcome.
Dr. Nancy Christensen, SCI 224, ext. 2472
Jennifer Showalter, SCI 126, ext. 5717

Waubonsee Health Information Technology Student Association
The purpose of the club is to broaden students’ awareness and knowledge of the Health Information field as well as bring together students with common goals. Club activities include field trips, community service and guest speakers. Membership is open to all students.

  • Speakers
  • Community Service Events                                                                                    

Advisors: Patricia Saccone, DWNTN 367, ext. 4194
Andrea Siekierski, DWNTN 361, ext. 4242

History Club
The Waubonsee History Club promotes the field of history, encourages community service and civic responsibility, and enhances career opportunities for their membership.
Dr. Timothy Draper, APC 271, ext. 2556
Dr. Amy Powers, APC 262, ext. 2271

Mathematical-Engineering Club (MEC)
The goal of MEC is to promote a practical culture of mathematics and science (engineering) through various activities geared toward the mastery of technical skills.
Mark Crawford, BDE 231, ext. 2895
Christopher Cunningham, BDE 233, ext. 6818
Philosophy Club
The Philosophy Club is dedicated to discussing philosophical questions, such as, ‘What is Art?’, ‘What constitutes moral responsibility?’ and ‘Do humans have free will?’ The club welcomes students and members of the wider community who have any interest in discussing philosophical questions in reasoned and fair-minded ways!
Keith Bickley, VON 239, ext. 2946
Steve Zusman, BDE 233, ext. 6802

Waubonsee Software and Technology Club
The goal of the club is to gather like-minded individuals at Waubonsee to discuss technology topics and work with software and technology, aid students in graduating from Waubonsee or transferring to other schools in CIS disciplines and to help members increase their skill sets for the marketplace or for personal satisfaction.  Membership is open to all enrolled Waubonsee students.  There is a one-time membership fee.
Tim Moriarty, AKL 223, ext. 2565

To provide leadership training and learning opportunities through hands-on activities for Waubonsee students involved in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields, as well as, to bring students together with peers who share common interests and a drive to succeed in their academic careers, helping them develop lasting connections that will benefit members as they crossover into their professional careers.
Club Email:
Dr. Pratima Jindal, WGL 204, ext. 2457
Alfred Weiss, SCI 232, ext. 2720

Waubonsee Student Education Association (Associated with NEA & IEA)
The WSEA facilitates pre-professional training and provides members with opportunities for developing personal growth and professional competence.
Maribeth Brown, BDE 122, ext. 5741
Amy Frankel, BDE 229, ext. 2554
Kathleen Randall, BDE 247, ext. 2794

Waubonsee Student Nurses Association (Associated with NSNA)
This student organization provides a professional outlet for students currently in the nursing program as well as students who anticipate entering Waubonsee’s Nursing program in the following semester. Through this association students gain access to national and state news regarding conventions, policy and industry changes. Our group hopes to foster a sense of leadership in students that they can carry with them after graduation as they start their own practice of nursing. Dues are a one-time fee of $10 and paid members are able to run for a seat on the board of directors once they are enrolled in NUR 150. Opportunities for volunteering, fundraising, as well as attendance at state and national conventions are part of being a WSNA member
Tracy Limbrunner, FOXVLY 119, ext. 3905
Sharon Erickson, FOXVLY 123, ext. 3912

Students Organizing Sustainability (S.O.S.)
S.O.S promotes sustainability issues to Waubonsee students, faculty, staff and the community through a variety of campus activities.

  • Sponsors various "green" events on campus, including an Earth Day event

Danielle DuCharme, SCI 116, ext. 2345
David Voorhees, SCI 230, ext. 2783
Mavis Bates, ext. 3115


Other Academic Teams

Model Illinois Government (MIG)
Each spring the Waubonsee delegation trains for the annual statewide simulation of the Illinois General Assembly, learning about the legislative process, lobbying tactics and parliamentary procedure. Yearly fee required to participate.
Richard Kiefer, APC 273, ext. 2329

SkillsUSA is a national organization. It serves students preparing for careers in vocational/technical fields. The organization hosts regional, state and national competitions giving students opportunities to demonstrate their skills. Waubonsee students compete in automotive service technology; auto body repair; early childhood education; and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Yearly membership fee required. Competitions may require some student financial contribution.
Business and Career Technologies Division, AKL 230, ext. 2263