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Alternative Spring Break 2017

Beans and Rice
March 11-18

In 2017, we sent 12 students and 2 faculty advisors to Virginia to participate in our 2nd annual Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trip. Last year's team worked with a company called Beans and Rice, Inc. Beans and Rice, Inc. improves the economic well-being of low-to-moderate income families through hunger relief, after-school programs that improve educational opportunity for at-risk children, job creation for low-to-moderate income families, and savings programs that help families buy their first home and children save for education.

Quotes from ASB 2017 participants:

ASB 2017 Participants

"Do it. You will have an experience that you are happy you didn't pass up. You will meet people you never thought you would be friends with. You will thank Waubonsee for providing a trip like this, and you will be grateful for spending spring break doing something you end up loving.”

ASB 2017, Planting

"Push yourself out of your comfort zone. It is definitely worth the friendships you will make and the impact you will have on a community and indiviuals."

ASB 2017, Tutoring

"I think the most rewarding aspect of the trip were those conversations with community members. Every one of them had hope that their town will get better and they were all immensely grateful for the little bit of work we were able to do.”