When your tuition and fees are being paid for by another organization or entity, that organization or entity is referred to as a verified source. See below for the types of verified sources, how to use them and how to check their status on your account. 

If your verified source cannot be applied to your account by the payment arrangement date, you may want to enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan while you wait for funds to come through. Note that if your verified source(s) does not cover your entire balance, you are responsible for the remainder.

Popular Verified Sources

Financial Aid

This encompasses standard federal and/or state financial aid, including grants and loans. Financial aid awarded and accepted by the payment arrangement due date will hold your classes. Financial aid not awarded and accepted by the payment arrangement due date requires the student to enroll in a payment plan, with the Deferred Payment Plan designed for this instance. To check your award and acceptance status, login to mywcc.


Waubonsee Scholarships
Waubonsee Gustafson and/or Waubonsee Foundation scholarships apply to student accounts automatically and will hold your classes.

Non-Waubonsee/Private Scholarships
Private scholarship payments must be applied to student accounts by the payment arrangement due date to hold your classes. If that is not possible, you can opt for the Deferred Payment Plan as you wait for the funds to come through. To see if funds have been applied to your account, log into the Student Account Suite the day after you register.

Veterans Using CH 33 or 31

With the submission of a Veterans Enrollment Certification Request (VECR) prior to registering for classes, classes will be held and the funds received from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) will be credited to the student's account. The college will not impose a penalty, or require the beneficiary to borrow additional funds to students responsible for paying any balance remaining after benefits have been credited, should benefit eligibility not be covered at 100% level. The VECR is available in mywcc in the Veterans Services page. To see if funds have been applied to your account, log into the Student Account Suite the day after you register. If funds won’t be available by the payment arrangement due date, consider enrolling in the Deferred Payment Plan

Verified Source: Employer/Third Party Payment

If a student’s employer or a third party is paying for classes and should be billed directly, a letter from the company is required by the payment arrangement due date to hold your classes. The letter must be on company letterhead and include contact name, company address, and classes covered.

The Student Account and Cashier Office processes all employer/third party payments from students. Third parties/employers participating in our third-party billing program consist of employers, public agencies, or any other entity that agrees to assume financial responsibility for all or a portion of a student's educational costs. The employer/third party must agree to make payment regardless of the student's performance/completion of courses. Additionally, the employer/third party must require that a detailed invoice be sent directly to them before payment can be processed.

Each employer/third party must send Waubonsee a letter, list, voucher, or other form of verification of support before registering or within 48 hours of registering. The verification document should include:

  • Student's name
  • Semester/term being covered
  • Specific charges covered (e.g., tuition, fees, books, and housing)
  • Any minimum/maximum amount, OR a flat dollar rate per credit hour
  • Name of third party or employer and contact information
  • Signed and dated by an authorized official

Verification should be received prior to the start of each semester. It can be mailed to the Student Accounts and Cashier Office, emailed to studentaccounts@waubonsee.edu, or faxed to (630) 966-4867. A personal letter from the student is NOT acceptable as proof of verified source. However, a copy of a letter to the student from their employer/third party will be considered as a verified source.

Once Waubonsee receives notification of a employer/third party’s intent to pay on behalf of a student, a third party contract payment is placed on the student's account and this payment is verified. Late payment fees will accrue if there are other charges outstanding. To see if the payment has been applied to your account, log into the Student Account Suite the day after you register.

College Savings Plan — Trusts & 529 Plans (other than College Illinois)

If you are a recipient of a trust or participate in a 529 plan (other than College Illinois), it is your responsibility to contact the provider and request that they send a check to the college to pay for your tuition. The check should be made payable to 'Waubonsee Community College' and needs to arrive in the Student Accounts and Cashier Office by the payment arrangement date; if not, you have the option of enrolling in a payment plan until the payment is received, with the Deferred Payment Plan designed for this instance. To see if funds have been applied to your account, log into the Student Account Suite the day after you register.

Please make sure that your name and student ID number are referenced on the check. The student is responsible for any charges that will not be covered by the trust or plan. It is also important to check with the Student Accounts and Cashier Office whenever schedule changes are made.

Here are some examples of providers that Waubonsee receives checks from:

  • Bright Directions
  • Bright Start
  • American Funds
  • Florida Prepaid College Plan
  • John Hancock Freedom 529

Contact the Student Accounts and Cashier Office

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