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Our pdf presentations, videos and relevant links on a variety of important topics — Choosing a Major, Maximizing Financial Aid, Choosing a College and How to Make Sure Your Credits Will Transfer — below. 

Choosing a Major
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If you’re not yet decided on a college major or career, you are not alone. Plenty of other students are in the same position, but there are steps you can take. Start with these online resources. 

Choosing a College
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There are a variety of websites out there that can help you search for colleges by the criteria that is important to you — major, location, size, etc. Here are just a few.

Community College Transfer
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You may know that starting at a community college can save you money, but are you worried about how credits actually transfer? Check out these links and videos, and worry no more. 

Paying for College
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It's always nice to look for the lowest tuition rate, but no matter what your rate or where you go, there are often ways to lower your costs. From federal financial aid to state aid to scholarships specific to your school, you have options. 

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Choosing a College - Waubonsee Talks Podcast

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Consider these important factors when choosing a college. 

Featured Guests:

  • Robert Cook, TRIO/Upward Bound Manager
  • Kristin Santillan, Counselor/Assistant Professor
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