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Semester: Spring 2022
Credit Hours: 3.0
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Spring 2022
Prereq or Coreq required

This course is designed to introduce basic theory, techniques, and applications of differential equations. Several types of differential equations will be solved including linear equations of the first and second order, exact equations, separable equations, non-linear equations, and partial differential equations. Method of solutions will include variation of parameters, undetermined coefficients, series solutions, numerical solutions, graphical solutions and the Laplace Transform.

Prereq: C or better in MTH233.

IAI: MTH 912.

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Open TTh 8:00am-9:15am
Course Location

Sugar Grove Campus, Bodie Hall, Room 241

Sugar Grove Campus
Waubonsee Community College
Route 47 at Waubonsee Drive
Sugar Grove, IL 60554-9454
(630) 466-7900

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