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Derek Schreiner

2020 has definitely been a year that will remain in all our memories forever. If you were just getting ready to start or have just recently started along the path to a college degree, you may be thinking about reconsidering. Even with the economy slowing down there are still lots of great, high-demand and high-paying jobs out there. Waubonsee can be your path to them.

The technical sector of the economy is still in full swing and employers are clamoring for qualified applicants. Many of our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs have certificates that can be earned in a year or less and lead to some high-paying positions. Many entry-level positions in career fields like HVAC, Machining, Welding, Cybersecurity, or Automotive Technology can have a starting wage of $40,000 per year or more plus health benefits and paid vacation. That’s after as little as one year in one of our programs!

We have day and night classes in many of our programs to make them as accessible as possible. All of our CTE courses have small class sizes to make sure that you have direct access to our knowledgeable instructors to get all of your questions answered. Many of our programs also have grants and scholarships available so you can get your next certificate or degree at little or no cost to you.

The pandemic has put a halt on our normal on-campus Career Day events, but please know that our instructors would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about their program or share what it’s like to work in the field once you graduate. Our instructors’ contact information, as well as mine, are all listed on the Waubonsee website. If you don’t know who to reach out to, you are welcome to reach out to me directly and I am happy to direct you to the right instructor.

Starting a new career and going back to school can be very intimidating and we understand that. We were all there once ourselves. I hope that I have convinced you to, if nothing else, reach out to us and ask that first question. You can find that rewarding new career with the financial stability that you have been looking for. Waubonsee and all our faculty, staff, and administrators are here to help you achieve it. Just ask us how.

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