Waubonsee offers several math courses covering all levels, including developmental (less than 100 level), transfer-level and more career-oriented technical courses.  

Math Course Placement 
Waubonsee is committed to helping our students succeed in their mathematics courses, and so we do require all students to receive proper course placement through our placement testing, ACT scores or previous coursework.

Developmental Math Pathways 
You may place into developmental (less than 100 level) math courses that are designed to build skills but do not count toward a degree or certificate. If you place into these courses, you'll choose one of two developmental math paths, based on your intended major/educational goals. See our Math Paths diagram, and work with Admissions or Counseling to choose the course(s) that will work best for you.

Waubonsee offers free, walk-in math tutoring. Mathematics courses are difficult, and smart students are the ones who seek out the help they need. 

Developmental Math Paths

If you place into a developmental math course (below 100 level), you'll choose from one of two possible course paths, based on your intended major/educational goals. See our helpful diagram and talk to Admissions or Counseling for guidance.