Engine Performance
Major Code: 714A

Certificate of Achievement

This certificate focuses on all aspects of driveability issues, from fuel injection to computer controls. Hands-on topics move from the routine (engine design and operation) to the complex (fuel and emission systems). This certificate enables the student to gain entry-level employment in automotive dealerships, independents, and fleet service facilities. After successful completion of the certificate, the student should be eligible to take ASE's Engine Performance Exam.

Course Requirements24

  • AUT110 Engine Service3
  • AUT113 Automotive Electricity/Electronics Systems3
  • AUT123 Automotive Ignition Systems3
  • AUT124 Automotive Fuel and Emission Systems3
  • AUT233 Applied Automotive Fuels and Electricity3
  • AUT240 Service Shop Operations3
  • AUT243 Advanced Engine Control Systems3
  • AUT246 Automotive Accessories and Diagnostics3

Program Total24

Major course shown in color requires minimum grade of C.