Co-Curricular Transcripts

Get Recongized for Your Work Outside the Classroom.
Utilize Your Co-Curricular Transcript. 

Just as your academic transcript demonstrates your classroom achievements to transfer schools, employers and others, your co-curricular transcript shows them everything you've achieved outside the classroom. This includes your involvement in student organizations, athletics, honors and awards, and notable student activites at Waubonsee. 

How It Works

All you have to do is particpate in the student organizations of your choice. Your attandance, participation and honors are then documented and reported to Student Life by student organization advisors and other college staff for notation on your co-curricular transcript. 

Where to Get It

You co-curricular transcript is always available for viewing and printing through the Student tab in mywcc. Find the Student Forms box and then click on the Records tab.


If you have questions about your co-curricular transcript or what's included on it, contact Student Life at (630) 466-2369