EMT - Basic

Students seeking enrollment in the Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B) course are required to contact Learning Assessment and Testing Services to make an appointment for required assessment testing. Acceptance into the course is based on assessment results, with documentation of reading skills at the 10th- grade level. 

Please see the EMT-B Course Handbook for other course requirements that will be required to be completed before the clinical rotation.

Program Costs

In addition to tuition and regular fees, the Emergency Medical Technician - Basic student has the following minimum fees and expenses:

Textbook $140 new / $75 rental
CPR/BLS Certification $80
IDPH Examination Fee $20
Stethoscope $15
Drug Screening $45
Shirt $20
Immunizations/TB Testing Per health care provider

Total Estimated Costs
(excluding medical requirements)


Note: These fees and expenses are approximate costs and are subject to change without prior notice to the student.

EMT - Paramedic

The Emergency Medical Technician Program - Paramedic program has a special application process and requirements.

  1. Complete EMT120 and have an EMT-B license prior to the program application date.
  2. Complete the special application required for entry into the program, which is available after June 1 each year in the Health Professions and Public Service office or download the PDF form. You may find additional information about the application process and the Southern Fox Valley EMS System at www.sfvemss.com. This application must be returned by July 12 with appropriate documents, including the New Student Information Form.
  3. Prospective students that have submitted the application and the New Student Information Form will receive a testing ticket via written mail that will outline the testing process. The testing will include the Paramedic Entrance Exam, reading, writing, and/or math assessments required. Placement in the program is based on multiple criteria, including a successful score of 75% on the Paramedic Entrance Exam.
  4. All applicants will be notified by written mail of their tentative acceptance status.