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Nineteen Waubonsee Community College students joined the ranks of the Iota Nu chapter of Alpha Beta Gamma, an international honor society recognizing outstanding business students.

Waubonsee Welcomes 19 Into Alpha Beta Gamma

Waubonsee Community College students were recently inducted into the local chapter of Alpha Beta Gamma, an international honor society established to recognize outstanding business students.

In all, 19 Waubonsee students were inducted to the society’s Iota Nu Chapter during a ceremony on Nov. 4.

Students inducted at that time include: Alysha English, Desy Gomez, Samantha Miller and Juaquina Murcio, all of Aurora; Dennis Kintop and Austin Sumner, each of Batavia; Peyton Sharpe, of Geneva; Glenna Smith and Victoria White, each of Montgomery; Iresha Jayarathna, of Naperville; Paige Fowler and Michael Olson, each of Oswego; Thomas Price and Ashley Retter, each of Plano; Charlene Croyle, of Sandwich; Danielle Buttrum, of Somonauk; Troy Williams, of St. Charles; Briana Glynn, of Sugar Grove; and Meghan Kesselring, of Yorkville.

Mary Tosch, Waubonsee’s Student Life Manager, was the featured speaker at the induction ceremony.

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