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Waubonsee Community College Automotive Recycling Instructor Patrick O'Connor late last year published an article in Automotive Recycling magazine.

Waubonsee Automotive Recycling Instructor O'Connor Publishes Magazine Article

Patrick O’Connor, Automotive Recycling Program Developer at Waubonsee Community College, has shared his insight on the future of the industry’s workforce through an article published in the bimonthly magazine of the Automotive Recycler’s Association (ARA).

In the article, titled “Driven to Learn,” O’Connor, of Algonquin,  discusses both how Waubonsee created and developed its Automotive Recycling Program, and what is being done to prepare students to work in the industry in coming years.

The article was published in the November-December 2013 edition of Automotive Recycling magazine.

It will be available on the website of the Automotive Recycler’s Association,

The topics also formed the basis of a presentation delivered by O’Connor during the ARA’s annual convention and expo in November in Phoenix.

Additionally, O’Connor has been invited to be a regular contributor to the magazine in a column titled, “Tomorrow’s Workforce.”