Students across the nation are preparing for the start of another academic year. For some, this will be their first year of preschool, kindergarten or first grade. For others, it may be their first year at a new school, middle school, high school or college.

Since 1966, Waubonsee Community College has worked to ensure that all students are afforded every opportunity to succeed from their first day on campus. To do that, we work every day to see the world through the eyes of the people we serve. We recognize that circumstances—both the needs of students and the ways to meet those needs—change very quickly and we must adapt to meet their needs.  

We understand that people come to college from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances. According to data from the American Association of Community Colleges, 41 percent of college students attend part-time while 22 percent of students work and attend school full-time. Also, 39 percent of students are between the ages of 22 and 39. At Waubonsee, 74 percent of students are enrolled part-time and the average age of a student earning college credit is 24.

Because of this tremendous diversity in background of our students, we must remain flexible to meet their educational needs. Waubonsee offers a wide variety of services and programs to help them be successful. As the school year begins, I encourage our students and the entire community to learn more about the many options available at Waubonsee.

Accessibility is a critical component of education and Waubonsee’s Access Center for Disability Resources exists to ensure all students have the academic and support services they need to begin and complete their education at Waubonsee.

Waubonsee also offers resources to students, alumni and community members through the Career Development Center. No matter where you are in your career or education, there are services available to help you take the next step.  Waubonsee offers job and internship fairs, employee recruiting events, and other free classes and workshops.  Services are available at all four campus locations.  

There are also many noncredit options to take advantage of through the college. These courses offer professional development or personal enrichment opportunities. From updating your computer skills to one of our unique local experiences, we have something for everyone. We encourage people to never stop learning and provide many ways to do that in traditional and non-traditional ways.

At Waubonsee, we believe that learning is a lifelong process and are committed to providing quality education and services that meet the needs of our community.

I wish everyone a great academic year.