Portrait of President Dr. Christine Sobek
Christine J. Sobek, Ed.D.

For several years, Waubonsee Community College has published an Annual Report to the Community. This publication has changed in format and look, however its purpose has remained constant. Combined with our College Scorecard and other documents, the Annual Report to the Community demonstrates our accountability to district residents and other supporters by visually sharing stories of some of the people represented by the numbers and statistics. The Annual Report reminds us that together, we have created something to be proud of.

This year’s Waubonsee story includes the retirement of two long-standing members of our board of trustees and the election of two new trustees. It includes student-leaders who serve the college at all levels, student-athletes who demonstrate excellence in competition and in the classroom, and student-musicians and artists who add aesthetic value to our communities. In the Waubonsee story, there are auto repair technicians, teachers, and lifeguards. There are faculty in the sciences, the arts and adult education. There are employees who contribute through their commitment to excellence in service, quality, innovation, creativity, diversity and inclusion.

And, just as all great stories have great people, great stories include interesting events and experiences that shape those people and their futures. New opportunities such as Waubonsee’s Honors Program and partnerships with colleges that provide guaranteed transfer pathways; new courses, such as our new humanities and songwriting courses; or new support and connections through our African-American Male Initiative (TRIUMPH), our Aurora Strong Scholarship, and many volunteer service opportunities provide the backdrop for many stories of success.

The people, events, and experiences of Waubonsee make it a special place, a valuable asset to the community and a tremendous opportunity for all students. While the events and experiences are great and important, it is the people—trustees, students, employees and partners—of Waubonsee that we are most proud of. Their commitment to education inspires me and I think that their stories will inspire you. I encourage you to visit www.waubonsee.edu/annualreport to read about and be inspired by the people who are Waubonsee in our 2019 Annual Report to the Community.