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Rob Barto

As part of Waubonsee’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2016-17, and as part of our strategic transformational plan, we are seeking to more vigorously re-envision our alumni program. Part of this planning and process involved reaching out to our alumni and asking them how they would like to engage with Waubonsee and what topics and services would be useful to them. While gathering this feedback and hearing directly from alumni, it was evident that there is interest by many in maintaining a relationship with their community college. Some even reported feeling more positive about their experience at Waubonsee than they did regarding their four-year institution.

Strengthening connections with our alumni, we believe, is a win for both parties. Alumni can benefit from career services, continuing education, events and mentorship opportunities – just to name a few, while the college can benefit from alumni staying involved, helping to mentor current students, being ambassadors and volunteers, and offering philanthropic support if they are so inclined.

In forming relationships with our network of alumni, we try to keep the vision and mission of the college at the center of all we do. Part of that vision is recognizing that our success is defined by the dreams we help shape, the opportunities we help design and the futures we help create. The success of our alumni is one of the strongest measures of our success as an organization. It is a privilege to be able to forge relationships with our alumni, provide continuing opportunities to remain involved, and to hear the inspiring success stories our alumni have to offer. If you are a Waubonsee alum, we would love to hear from you! Visit or email  

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