Waubonsee Apprenticeship

Waubonsee Community College has formed a new partnership with the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) to be the educational provider for their Industrial Manufacturing Technician apprenticeship. Waubonsee is the first community college in the State of Illinois to partner with IMEC.  

Waubonsee’s new partnership with IMEC can accommodate local employers who are looking to upskill their workforce as well as new students interested in starting a new apprenticeship experience.  

The college is committed to partnering with local manufacturing employers to offer students the opportunity to earn a college degree while working in high-growth, in-demand professions that offer competitive wages. Students hired for an apprenticeship will graduate without college debt, as participating employers are required to provide tuition sponsorships.  

The announcement of the college’s newly formed partnership with IMEC comes on the heels of the 7th annual National Apprenticeship Week (NAW), observed Nov. 15 through Nov. 21, 2021. NAW is a nationwide celebration where industry, labor, equity, workforce, education, and government leaders host events to showcase the successes and value of registered apprenticeship for re-building our economy, advancing racial and gender equity, and supporting underserved communities.  

NAW is an opportunity to highlight how registered apprenticeship, a proven and industry-driven training model, provides a critical talent pipeline that can help to address some of our nation’s pressing workforce challenges such as responding to critical supply chain demands and supporting a clean energy workforce, modernizing our cybersecurity response, addressing public health issues, and rebuilding our country’s infrastructure. 

Waubonsee is also actively pursuing accreditation from the Department of Labor for other apprenticeships in the skilled trades and healthcare professions. 

If your organization is interested in developing an apprenticeship partnership with Waubonsee, or if you would like to enroll in an apprenticeship, visit waubonsee.edu/apprenticeship to learn more.  

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