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Brandon Slatton

My career at Waubonsee really kick-started my journey of self-discovery. My first year at the college, I was a very shy and quiet person. But since that time, I have overcome this obstacle by branching out, becoming involved in different clubs, and having great role models, all of which has helped me discover new things about myself and my interests. The faculty and staff here saw in me a leader and a public speaker that I didn't see in myself. Waubonsee's motto is “Where Futures Take Shape.” Reflecting back, I now see that Waubonsee gave me powerful tools to cultivate my future and has helped me build the life I am proud to live.

Being the Phi Theta Kappa Vice President last year, I knew there was so much more I could be involved in on campus. I made the decision to proceed to the next level and run for Student Senate. Being elected as the 2014-2015 Student Senate Secretary has built my framework and polished off my rough corners. I have built long-lasting relationships and perfected new skills. Applying for Student Senate Secretary was one of the most rewarding decisions I've ever made because it has taught me to stay well-organized and to communicate with others. My involvement as Vice President in Phi Theta Kappa has helped me to become a better team player, to take responsibility and to manage challenges.

I have also had the privilege of being the Student Representative on Waubonsee’s Curriculum Council, working with Assistant Vice President of Transfer/Developmental Education Dr. William Marzano and Assistant Vice President of Career/Technical Education Suzette Murray. In the middle of the spring semester, Dr. Marzano gave me the opportunity to co-chair the Curriculum Council meeting. This experience provided me the opportunity to facilitate a large group meeting, which enhanced my public speaking and meeting management skills. He boosted my morale, motivating my performance and giving me self-confidence.

While very different, all of these experiences have one thing in common — they provided me with opportunities to develop my leadership skills and build a strong repertoire for my future. I look forward to bringing these skills to North Central College, where I’ll major in business administration and minor in music education. There I will continue to take advantage of any leadership involvement to further increase my knowledge and positively impact others.

As my time at Waubonsee concludes, I would like to challenge the college’s new students to foster school pride, reflect on their growth, continue to add to the quality of life in their community, and become a lifelong learner. Get involved because the journey is what you make it, and there’s a lot to learn — about yourself, about others and about the world — along the way.

Brandon Slatton is earning an Associate in Arts Degree as a member of Waubonsee’s Class of 2015.

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