Holiday Photoshoot

The holiday season is upon us, and as I reflect on another year affected by a global pandemic, I think of the extraordinary efforts of members of our college community and those in our local community. Dedicated administrators, faculty, staff, and professionals from health agencies have all worked together day in and day out to ensure a safe and healthy teaching and learning environment. 

It has been a pleasure to connect and reconnect with so many students, faculty, staff, and community members during this academic year. I have been inspired by countless stories of generosity from our community towards Waubonsee students and by Waubonsee students within our community. 

In my twenty years as President of Waubonsee Community College, I have witnessed the personal transformation that happens when students engage with our college. Students, who are all at various stages in their educational journeys, begin at Waubonsee and imagine new possibilities for themselves and their families through the opportunity to learn and thrive locally. 

During this season of giving, I ask that you please consider showing your support for our college community by contributing to the Waubonsee Foundation Scholarship Fund. The Waubonsee Foundation strengthens our vision by providing opportunities for residents in our local community to have access to a quality education.

Studies have shown that graduation rates of Waubonsee students who received a Foundation Scholarship are more than 50% higher than graduation rates of those students who did not receive a Foundation Scholarship. Your gift gives the opportunity to help and is a motivator for students to finish their academic journey. Your generous donation to the Waubonsee Foundation will help us open doors of opportunity for students for years to come! Make a secure donation by visiting

Please accept my best wishes for a happy holiday season filled with love, hope, and friendship. 

Christine J. Sobek, Ed.D.

President, Waubonsee Community College

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