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Probably the best part of my role as Executive Director of the Waubonsee Community College Foundation is playing a part in helping students fund and complete their education. One of the most disappointing stories you can hear is that of a student who has had to delay or forego their education altogether due to a lack of resources. In some cases, these students may have not known about the scholarships available through the Waubonsee Foundation or may have just not taken the steps needed to learn about and complete the application process.

Thanks to our very generous and loyal donors, the Foundation has provided 405 scholarship awards totaling over $378,000 to 346 recipients for the 2019-2020 academic year. Thanks to the passion for and the priority our donors place on providing scholarships to as many students as possible, we have been able to increase the number of students we are able to help over the years.

I hope people come to understand that the Waubonsee Foundation offers scholarships across a wide array of majors and programs, including career and technology disciplines and various trades. We have also developed an Emergency Needs Fund to assist students who are facing unexpected difficulty due to unforeseen circumstances. These circumstances can range from a fire in one’s home to medical emergencies. There are also allowances for students who find themselves facing food insecurity. The availability of these funds, in turn, has prevented several students from falling deeper into debt or dropping out altogether. This kind of assistance, as well as the majority of our scholarships that allow awards for returning students, makes it more likely that a student will continue studying at Waubonsee and complete their degree or certificate.

The impact of scholarships cannot be underestimated. To donors who may be reading this, I say ‘thank you!’ We at the Foundation could not do what we do for students without your generous spirit of giving. To students contemplating attending Waubonsee, applying for admission, or returning for another year, please know that pursuing a scholarship could benefit you greatly.

Take a moment to visit our website at to learn about your options and apply for an opportunity that could help you achieve your educational goals. The application deadline for the 2020-2021 academic year is February 3, 2020. Begin your scholarship application today.

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