Finding Your Passion is Our Purpose

Waubonsee Community College’s updated mission statement describes how the college provides exceptional learning and is committed to enriching the lives of students, employees, and community by working together to discover new passions, share knowledge, and embrace diversity. 

Follow Your Passion

Doing what you love and following your passion is sage advice frequently heard during the graduation and back-to-school season. But has anyone ever taken the time to explain how to discover one's life passion when doling out this advice?  

Mission Accomplished Class of 2022

Here at Waubonsee, the spring semester has come to an end. To every student who has successfully completed all their coursework or has graduated and is now moving on to the next chapter in their lives, I want to sincerely congratulate you on your accomplishment; mission accomplished, you did it! 

Meeting the Mission

As an automotive professor, I always believed education in a community college is a place for growth for people of all ages and levels. It is a place with a positive atmosphere where one can grow academically and socially. 

Mission Accepted: A Reflection of our Community

When you use your favorite product or service, what is the feeling you get? Do you know the mission of the company that created it? Do you know why that company or organization exists? When an organization updates its mission statement, the details of what goes behind those changes are often left out. Suddenly, you notice that the product you have always used has changed its logo or packaging one day. No notice is given, and sometimes not even a reason is provided externally. If you really want to know, you must search for it.

Mission Accepted: Why I'm Inspired by Waubonsee's New Mission Statement

When I attended college, the goal was to have students memorize as much content as possible. I am pleased with how teaching has shifted its focus over the years.

Getting the Medal Begins by Creating a Village

For many of us, watching the U.S. Olympics evokes reverence and admiration beyond words, as top athletes across the world perform against each other with unmatched vigor and stamina. We watch in awe as athletes perform on the global stage with grace, grit, and near perfection. 

From Late Reader to Reluctant Leader

Educators have always been the definitive influencers and motivators in my life. Because of them, I have learned to know my marks and to own them, I have learned to tell my own personal stories, and I have learned that relying on others and forming true connections with my mentors is an invaluable resource.

Preparing Our Future Workforce Through CTE

Over the years, data has shown that the demand for skilled workers in various industries is ever increasing. How do we, as an educational institution, fill the employment gaps that exist in our region? Community colleges are the beginning of a pathway.

Permission to Not Know

Embarrassment pierces like a hundred pinpricks.

Without question, I felt them slice into me many years ago in the stale sunlight of a late afternoon. I was a Writing Specialist at a university. I dispensed my duties with relative comfort after several years of both teaching and studying writing. Not only that, but I was the product of an interdisciplinary curriculum. I liked to think I knew a little bit about everything.