The Best Decision

My initial purpose of going to Waubonsee was completely financial. Although I had saved birthday and Christmas money since I was old enough to know what college was, it wasn’t going to be enough. It was my responsibility to pay for college--and college was expensive.

Those once ideals and beliefs now disturb me, because I was blinded by the reality.

Creating a Community Through Writing

I sent out the text message to the team after the delivery. “It’s here!”

Very soon my small office of bookshelves and an oversized desk was flooded with six students whom I had been working with day and night, seven days a week, for the previous two months. They each showed their excitement differently...

Then, I reached my hand into a cardboard box and revealed a book, their book, our book.

Sexual Assault Awareness: A Brief History of Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education

Title IX. A lot of people think it is a relatively new law. Some people may have heard of it, but don’t know what it is.

Its original intended purpose was to provide open access to educational opportunities for women.

Tax Changes To Be Aware Of When Filing Your 2018 Tax Return

Due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) you will likely notice a number of changes when preparing your 2018 tax return. This article will discuss the new tax rates, elimination of the personal exemption, the increase in the standard deduction, and changes to certain itemized deductions.

The Role Play: Practicing to Enter a Profession

After nearly two years of classes in American Sign Language (ASL) and interpreting, the students of Waubonsee’s Interpreter Training Program (ITP) put all their skills to use.

They have explored the Deaf culture and have completed all the classes in fingerspelling and linguistics. With all of this complete, they are ready to bring it all together at an event called the Role Play.


Endless Opportunities In Health Care Professions

The operating room can be an intimidating place. Most people do not know what to expect when the doors to the operating room open, and most people have not heard of my profession and the role we play in surgery. 

Surgical technologists help the doctor, as well as the patient. 

The Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love

“The Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love” was the tagline for the Peace Corps in the 60s but whenever I think about that line I think of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  The position of CNA, held by countless caring individuals across this country, is an important fundamental piece of the health care team. 

The Importance of Heating System Maintenance

I know no one wants to spend extra money, but there probably isn’t much else in your home that can be as deadly as a poorly working furnace. A reputable technician will do a lot of work to make sure you are safe, and make sure you don’t have preventable problems during the winter. Through regular inspection of your system, you should be able to avoid breakdown and be warned years before your furnace reaches the end of its life.

History: A Life-Long Journey of Learning

I became interested in history at an early age.  It was the summer of 1976, the year of the Bicentennial, and my young world was filled with parades, block parties and decorating neighborhood fire hydrants with red, white and blue paint.

I chose a career in education so that I could share my excitement about history with future generations. I am happy to say that my choice has been a rewarding one, as I have met thousands of inspiring and talented students who keep my love of teaching alive.

The Purpose of Technical Education

There I was, in a SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus…) like you see firefighters wear and a full firefighting outfit to go back down into the reactor plant to check for a steam rupture. I was put in this wonderful outfit because I was the chief reactor watch, and supervised the mechanical watch-standers of that reactor plant.  The reactor had been scrammed, the engineering spaces were hot (think sauna hot), and everyone had been evacuated. My “newbie” (newly qualified watch-stander) had reported to a steam rupture. While steam powers turbines, and powers your home through the electrical grid, it also quickly kills.... 

Today, I teach most of the classes in the Automation Technology Degree (AMT) Program at Waubonsee Community College.