The Value of "Why?"

Curiosity and the love of learning know no bounds.  Whether it is an adult learner taking a class at Waubonsee or a young child learning about the solar system, we humans desire knowledge.

For People Facing Opioid Crisis, Help Is Available

On May 2, Waubonsee Community College had the honor of hosting United States Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams as he addressed a community forum convened by U.S. Congressman Randy Hultgren regarding the opioid crisis that is challenging America. While his presence is not an everyday occurrence in our community, it is striking that his comments focused on everyday occurrences for many throughout our community.

Daily throughout this land, thousands are wrestling with the challenge of living with drug and alcohol problems, not just with opioids but with other substances including prescription drugs, synthetic drugs, cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol. While his comments touched on many aspects of these challenges, there are two that make this crisis particularly difficult to resolve. One is the tendency to stereotype, the second is the influence of stigma.  

Never-Ending Development

My high school years ended in tragedy and isolation. A close friend had died after an accident almost a week before graduation, my clique quickly grew apart as our summer had progressed and I distanced myself from family members and other friends to deal with such a drastic and sad change in my life....

However, all of that changed when I ran for Student Senate.


Earth Week Activities at Waubonsee

Spring is a time of rebirth and growth and during the month of April, both are visible on the campuses of Waubonsee Community College.  With the bloom of spring flowers, shrubs and trees, the beauty found on our four campuses is seen in the various habitats despite the cool weather.

Waubonsee Is Working To Strengthen Connections

As part of Waubonsee’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2016-17, and as part of our strategic transformational plan, we are seeking to more vigorously re-envision our alumni program.

Waubonsee Contributes to the Community

Community colleges have a rich history of cooperation. This is part of our history at Waubonsee, as well as our present. Our collaborations and connections with the community take on many forms and involve many staff members. In my role as the director of government and community engagement, I sit on various non-profit boards and am involved in various community efforts.

Waubonsee Foundation Scholarships Are Available to Help Students

During the 2016-2017 academic year, Waubonsee Community College celebrated its 50th anniversary. For decades, Waubonsee has been an integral part of the local community. Many don’t realize that the Waubonsee Community College Foundation has been in existence for nearly as long, providing support to Waubonsee students. This year, in 2018, the Waubonsee Community College Foundation will celebrate its 40th anniversary.

The Joy of Music

Like many college instructors, when I enter the classroom I often begin my lecture in this way. In my Survey of the Humanities class, an arts survey course, I begin the second half of the term asking my students, “How many of you listen to music on a regular basis?” Unlike similar queries about viewing sculpture or reading poetry, I always get a nearly unanimous response; in fact, most listen to music on a daily basis.

Involved Students Make a Difference

Often, when one thinks about college student life – activities that happen outside of the classroom – the mind automatically pulls up images of Greek Life, athletics, or maybe a coffeehouse musician. While these are some of the typical options for involvement in college, they don’t represent what truly happens when students get involved during their college years.

Athletics Transforms Lives at Waubonsee

A common analogy used to describe athletics departments at colleges and universities is that they are the “front porch to the college.”  Many people’s first encounter with an institution of higher education is through something that has to do with sports.