College and Career Readiness

Waubonsee wants to see more students succeed in higher education and so is happy to provide helpful information and resources to high school students, and work with high school faculty and staff through the College and Career Readiness Partnership project. 

Information for High School Students and Their Parents 
Being ready for college means more than having the right textbooks and plenty of highlighters. It means knowing how to navigate the world of higher education and having a solid foundation in key subject areas. Check out these pages for more information:

Resources for High School Teachers, Counselors and Administrators
As part of our College and Career Readiness Partnership project, Waubonsee faculty and administrators work with high school teachers, counselors and administrators to help ensure curricular alignment and successful student transitions. Visit our partnership page to learn more about our meeting schedule and sub-committee work. 

Readiness Resources

Created by Waubonsee's Admissions Office, this e-newsletter contains information that can help you no matter where you want to go to college.


Developmental Education and College Readiness Division
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