Transfer Programs

Complete your first two years at Waubonsee, and then build on that solid educational foundation at the four-year school of your choice.

Starting your higher educational path at Waubonsee makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons. You'll receive high-quality instruction at a reasonable price while being able to explore possible majors, stay at home and keep your job.

The two most popular transfer degrees are the Associate in Arts (AA) and the Associate in Science (AS), which consist of both general education courses and electives in your field of interest. Keep in mind that these degrees are not awarded in any specific majors; however, Waubonsee has created certain areas of concentration to help prepare you for several common majors at four-year schools. The suggested areas of concentration are merely samples to help get you started in choosing your course work. Work with the Counseling, Advising and Transfer Center to choose the right courses to earn an associate degree and prepare for your future plans. Learn more about how to successfully transfer to a four-year school.

Specialty Degrees
Waubonsee also offers three other specialty transfer degrees — Associate in Engineering Science, Associate in Fine Arts - Art and Associate in Fine Arts - Music Performance — that are more specific and require extensive academic advising from our Counseling, Advising and Transfer Center.

Two Degrees Are Better Than One

Completing your associate degree at Waubonsee before transferring on is a definite advantage. Colleges and universities are more likely to grant you junior status if you hold an associate degree. Plus, no matter what happens in your future, you'll have a credential that will look good on a résumé and most likely earn you more money. And hey, two graduation parties can't hurt either.