2022 Staff
Editors-in-Chief Abigail Black, Colton Benjamin
Managing Editor Cecilia Carrington
Cover & Interior Designers Emily Murphy, Ty Garcia
Bookmark Designer Ty Garcia
Copy Editors Ian Page, Katie VanderLinden
Editorial Committee Ty Garcia, Ian Page, Abigail Schiltz, Katie VanderLinden, Meredith Winn
Advertisement Ty Garcia, Cecilia Carrington
Faculty Advisor Dan Portincaso
Art Reproduction & Art Advisor Tonya Whitlock

Horizons is Waubonsee Community College’s literary magazine.  It is produced every spring semester and is designed by students in the Waubonsee’s Creative Writing Club and showcases the written, visual, and musical work of Waubonsee students.

It publishes primarily works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama, but it also publishes written work that blurs the lines between genres.  The magazine is published in print form but is also available on the web.

The artwork published in the magazine is the result of a collaboration with the Waubonsee Art Department and features the work of Waubonsee student artists.

Horizons also includes music from Waubonsee music students in collaboration with the Music department.

For more information about the Creative Writing Club, please visit our website for events, updates, and posts written by members of the club discussing their experiences as writers.





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Horizons accepts submissions during the spring semester. For guidelines and to submit your work for consideration, please click here:


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