Types of Courses


Teamwork is critical to an organization's productivity, success rate, and profitability.

The ability to clearly communicate in writing is a vital skill for business.

The diversity in the workplace is ever increasing and there is a greater demand to manage generational, gender, and cultural differences.

The benefits of a positive culture include enhanced customer service, reduced workplace stress, and the increased retention of employees.

Recognizing customer touchpoints and how customers interact with your brand are critical steps in enhancing the customer experience.

Gain insight into critical thinking processes and learn how to apply problem-solving methodologies to identify obstacles, risks, and to find effect

This interactive course will present fundamental accounting principles for non-finance professionals.

In this foundational course, managers will be introduced to the essential knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage supervisory tasks and t

Self-awareness as a leader is critical to success.

Change is a fact of life for many organizations due to the need to remain competitive.

This overview course introduces students to the essential concepts of project management.

Conflict is inevitable in the workplace due to the diverse needs and values of people and organizations.

When time and tasks are managed, we are free to focus our energy and attention and to be truly productive.

People often use difficult behavior because they have learned that it is an effective method to get what they want.

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Corporate Training

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