20 Minutes = Ready to Register

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Your next step to enrolling at Waubonsee is completing the Pre-Registration Review. It takes about 20 minutes and covers:

  • Basic Program Requirements (Degrees/Certificates)
  • The College Catalog, Programs of Study and Educational Plans
  • Assessment Levels and Course Placements
  • Support Services
  • The Credit Course Schedule and Course Selection

Once you’re done, you’ll be ready to register for courses – on your own or with the help of an Admissions Advisor.

Take Your Next Step


Access Pre-Registration Review in mywcc*

*Requires X-number and password
Note that your X-number is your student ID #, issued to you via email once you complete a New Student Application. Your password is initially set as your birthday in MMDDYY format. 

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The sooner you finish, the sooner you can register — increasing your chances of getting the courses you want and giving you smaller payments over a longer period of time if you select our payment plan.

Questions? Contact Admissions

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