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The Waubonsee Coffee Bar and Café, located in the Student Center on the Sugar Grove Campus, is your go-to coffee and snack spot. Utilize this new dining option to fuel up on delicious, Italian Lavazza coffee and favorites like espresso, lattes, and cappuccino. Breakfast and lunch menu items will include bakery treats, sandwiches, fresh fruit, salads, hotdogs, pizza, and much more! 

Hours of Operation: 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday 

Also check out the new Smart Market vending options located in the Student Center at the Sugar Grove and the Aurora Downtown campuses.

Waubonsee Coffee Bar and Café

Students Cafeteria sitting L
The Waubonsee Coffee Bar & Café is located in the Student Center, first floor.

Finding your favorite foods on campus is easy. We're proud to offer dining options complete with signature brands and menu selections that satisfy every craving. There's something for everyone.

Waubonsee's Café in the Student Center is a great place to hang out when you're on the Sugar Grove Campus.

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Smart Vending Options

4 Smart Market Vending Machines
Smart Market vending options are located in the Student Center and at the Aurora Downtown campus.