Customize your degree with independent study

Independent Study encourages students to explore areas of special interest that expand on their classroom studies. What does this mean? In an independent study, you design your own curriculum based on a specific subject, adding relevant reading and writing assignments.

An essential part of independent study is collaboration with a faculty instructor. In addition to gaining their approval, you'll work closely with your instructor upfront to establish objectives, study plans and evaluation methods, and meet with him/her regularly during the semester as the course progresses.

Learn more about how an independent study program can enhance your degree program, and connect with one of our academic advisors to get started.

Is Independent Study right for me?

Independent study courses are different from traditional classroom or online learning. You'll be working alone much of the time, so you'll need to be organized and self-motivated. It helps to be able to stick to a plan and a calendar that outline assignments.

Independent study might also be a good option if you need to take a lighter course load or even take a semester off, but want to keep earning credits. This might be due to family needs, military service, a medical situation or a change in financial circumstances.

In many cases, independent study is also an opportunity to improve professional skills or obtain certification related to your career. Work with your advisor to determine how independent study programs can help you achieve your objectives.