February 17 – June 17, 2017 Dickson Window Art Project Space

Everything has come to this Moment, by Catherine Schwalbe, 2015-17, Stoneware, porcelain, terra cotta, salt, found husking tools, found objects, discarded irrigation numbers, gold leaf, Dimensions variable

Catherine Schwalbe's Artist Statement:
“My art explores aging, agriculture, nature and science, the concepts of plenty and want, reuse, food systems, water, and being human through a variety of media including high-fired clay, artist books, events, growing, installation, found objects, social practice works, fiber and cast metal. Why so often, but not exclusively, corn? It is solidly Midwestern, like I am. I have found through the deep exploration of corn, more than its history, beauty, and imagery, but the fundamentals of humanity itself. ‘The first and most respectable of the arts is agriculture.’ – Rousseau”

“Pronounced Shwahl-Bee. Born and raised in Wisconsin - in a 130+-year-old stone house. Family of 9 – most, comfortable using their hands. Volunteered at a local nursing home in high school and has ‘never left’. Completed a BFA with a sculpture concentration at UW Milwaukee in 1983. Took additional classes at Artist Bookworks, Columbia College for the Book and Paper Arts, Lillstreet Art Center, and Chicago Industrial Arts and Design Center. Chicago resident for 30 plus years. Took a hiatus from a consistent art practice until 1998, following graduate coursework in recreation therapy. The capability to work part-time, and begin a more solid art practice, began. Recreation Therapist and Consultant with Quality Care Consulting Services. Farmerwannabe. As an artist: Social practice… born out of the need and comfort with engaging people, and understood as an overlap with my recreation therapy practice. Also object making including mixed media, sculpture, found objects, bronze & iron, installation. Studio at home and Lillstreet Art Center. Art happens where the artist is. Goes by this Fluxus philosophy: ‘The distinction between Art and Life is irrelevant.’”

Lecture: March 9, 2017
in Von Ohlen Hall, room 201, Sugar Grove Campus
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Workshop: March 9, 2017
in Von Ohlen Hall, room 201, Sugar Grove Campus
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