Mission of the Art Department

The fundamental objectives of the Art Department are to promote visual literacy and an understanding of the historical importance and the continued relevancy of the arts in an ever-changing world. Through educating our students, we spark their intellectual curiosity, nurture their aesthetic appreciation and encourage their creative endeavors. The curriculum provides them with technical skills, professional tools and global awareness to succeed in their personal artistic path. 

Art history and contemporary criticism provide students with an understanding of the human condition within shifting social, political and cultural environments. Through studio courses, students gain and strengthen their technical, analytical and artistic abilities. Lectures, workshops, field trips and exhibitions enhance student learning by exposing them to current professional practices. Upon completing their studies, Waubonsee students will be prepared to transfer to a baccalaureate institution and/or contribute to the cultural quality of their community.

Goals and Objectives of the Art Department

Goal I: Provide a strong foundation of theory and technical skills that will allow students to create a body of individual innovative artwork


  • Understand the formal elements of art and/or design through art analysis and develop competency in their application through studio practice
  • Learn how to use materials, tools and processes, effectively and safely, from a variety of media (painting, sculpture, ceramic, photography), to create original works of art
  • Select appropriate media to convey specific artistic expression that effectively communicates the artist intent 
  • Develop creative problem-solving strategies as a means to create strong artwork
  • Demonstrate critical skills through specific class projects
  • Present, discuss, and support artwork through individual and group critiques 

Goal II: Cultivate Visual Literacy


  • Produce creative artworks that demonstrate innovations in concepts, form and material
  • Analyze and critique artwork, both orally and written, based on the formal elements, principles of design, conceptual considerations, and social and cultural influences 
  • Understand and discuss both the cultural and social impacts that shaped artists, artwork, and movements throughout history
  • Recognize artistic and stylistic developments from one historical movement to the next and be able to discuss patterns and relationships between them 

Goal III: Analyze and Integrate Global Art Resources and Trends


  • Through exhibitions on campus, workshops and presentations given by visiting artists, students reflect on current artwork by students, faculty and contemporary artists through portfolios, papers, presentations, and the development of artwork
  • Research methods and critical writing skills are developed and strengthened through the study of original works of art viewed at museums, galleries, architectural tours, and artist studios
  • Understand relevant debates and trends in contemporary art through lectures given by curators, critics, and art historians