June 5 – July 19, 2016
Arrowhead Gallery
Group Show curated by Cecilia L. Vargas

The Androne: or Semi-Autonomous Flying Hurdy-Gurdy (After Tatlin) by Andrew Barco, 2015, wood and musical instrument parts, 14” x 13’ x 6’

The exhibition Remote Connection asks us to consider our mediated relationship with war and reality. We are inundated with media covering drone strikes, zones of conflict, and suicide bombers – yet we are typically very distanced from these everyday occurrences. The media’s messages are controlled, edited, and biased. How much fiction are we consuming? Our mediated relationship to war has been further elevated by the on-screen relationship of the drone pilot to the characters they are aiming to strike with the push of a button from a comfortable distance.

Featured Artists:
Andrew Barco
Hannah Barco
Mahwish Chishty
MT Coast
Tal Nisim

Performance: June 25, 2016
in the Arrowhead Gallery, Sugar Grove Campus
This performance was free and open to the general public.

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Art Department:

Art Coordinator:
Cecilia Vargas, Von Ohlen Hall, Room 209
(630) 466-2964

Art Lab Assistant:
Esther Espino, Von Ohlen Hall, Room 240
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