Priscila Vargas - Student Trustee 2021-2022
Priscila Vargas; Waubonsee Student Trustee

Sugar Grove – The Waubonsee Community College Board of Trustees seated Priscila Vargas to serve as the student trustee for the 2021-2022 academic year.

The student trustee was chosen by the Student Senate and serves as the liaison between the Board of Trustees and the college’s student body, representing student interests at the board level. Vargas was seated at the special board meeting held on April 29.

Vargas is a first generation college student, third oldest of four girls in her family. She is a nursing student at Waubonsee and plans to become a Nurse Practitioner. She is looking to transfer to Aurora University to continue her education.

“Student Trustee is an important role which I tend to fill with intent to voice the opinion for Waubonsee students,” Vargas said.

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