2023-2024 Student Government Leaders

Waubonsee Community College announced the names of the student government for the current academic year. The members of Waubonsee’s 2023-2024 student government are: 

  • Jack McGreevy, of Yorkville; Student Trustee  
  • Angel Camarillo-Tolentino, of Aurora; Student Senate President 
  • Alyssa Alexander, of Aurora; Student Senator 
  • Dana Brisbon, of Oswego; Student Senator  
  • Oluwaseun Fakeye, of Aurora; Student Senator 
  • Leslie Herrera, of Aurora; Student Senator  
  • Gabrielle Jackson, of Aurora; Student Senator 
  • David Pedro, of Aurora; Student Senator 
  • Madison Stevens, of Montgomery; Student Senator 
  • Riff Talsma, of Montgomery; Student Senator 
  • Vanessa Torres, of Aurora; Student Senator  
  • Joyce Tikeng Tiotsop, of Montgomery; Student Senator 
  • Diego Vargas, of Aurora; Student Senator 

The student government provides leadership opportunities for students, as well as a channel of communication between college administrators and the student body. The student government leaders sit on many college committees and provide student perspective and feedback to the college leadership. The student government leaders were introduced to the college’s board of trustees at its October meeting. 

Pictured above (back row left to right): Waubonsee Community College Board of Trustees Chair Rebecca Oliver; 2023-2024 Student Government Leaders Joyce Tikeng Tiotsop; Gabrielle Jackson; Angel Camarillo-Tolentino; 2023-2024 Student Trustee Jack McGreevy; Waubonsee Community College President Dr. Brian Knetl; Front row (left to right): Leslie Herrera; Vanessa Torres; Oluwaseun Fakeye; and Alyssa Alexander


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