As another graduating class moves on to brighter futures, the faculty and staff at Waubonsee Community College actively prepare to help a new group of students realize their dreams. While our students may change each year or two, our employees provide knowledgeable, consistent service and create the educational foundation to make a difference year in and year out. This dedication can easily be traced to Waubonsee’s founding.

For nearly 45 years, Waubonsee truly has been a place where students find their path to success. A culture exists at the college to focus on our students and their goals. Many of our alumni tell us they achieved more than they ever thought possible thanks to an inspiring instructor or a caring staff member. This is who we are as an institution. We are here to serve the community.

Waubonsee’s culture of service starts at the very top with the college’s Board of Trustees. This group of dedicated volunteers plays an incredibly important role in guiding the college in its mission. These community leaders have given of their time and energy to make a difference in the lives of literally generations of students and community members. Waubonsee’s board members all come from different backgrounds, but they are united in their belief that the college is a vital resource for our community. Their consistent leadership enables Waubonsee to do great things. In 2009, the Illinois Community College Trustees Association recognized Waubonsee’s Board Chair Richard “Shorty” Dickson for his 35 years of service — a first in the state of Illinois. Two years later, he and our other board members continue to set the bar high for the college by setting an example of living up to the standards and ideals put in place by Waubonsee’s founders. Our elected board members represent a combined total of 120 years of service to the college.

Through the years, as a growing college, new faculty and staff have joined Waubonsee. They quickly learn where we place our priorities and are able to follow the examples of our many longtime staff and faculty who have dedicated their lives to serving students. With their years of experience, these faculty and staff set the tone and provide mentorship to newer college employees, who bring new ideas, backgrounds and diversity to the table. Together, this mix of new and old contributes to the positive spirit of engagement our students find at the college.

Service is one of Waubonsee’s five core values. We dedicate ourselves to serving our students and serving our community. No matter how much we grow or how many buildings we open, we will always work to anticipate the needs of our community and strive to exceed expectations for all that we serve. This is engrained in our institutional fabric and is the definition of a community college.