At the core of the mission of a community college is the goal to be a resource for lifelong learning and personal growth. A key part of that strategy is to provide career development that empowers people by giving them the education, skills and network to achieve and surpass their personal and professional dreams.

Career development is a lifelong process, and the definition of the term covers much more than one’s professional life. It also considers the managing of one’s work, leisure and transitions. One reason that career development is so important is that – according to career development experts – the majority of today’s students will be employed in jobs that don’t yet exist. So continually building and learning new skills is now more important than ever. Today’s employers need employees who are dedicated learners and who are willing to adapt to meet - and shape – their company’s position within the ever-changing global economy.

Today’s employees are expected to not only have the technical skills necessary to complete a job, but they are also increasingly expected to have soft skills that make them a valued team member and colleague. Such expectations have increased the importance and value of experiences such as internships, service learning, and professional networking through workshops, continuing education, conferences and social media.

Community colleges offer career development opportunities in all areas, from personal and professional development courses and workshops to degree and certificate programs. The ability to adjust quickly to changing employer needs has made community colleges an important partner in our communities. At Waubonsee Community College, we’re proud of the way our faculty and staff listen to the needs of their employer partners and ensure that their classes and programs are preparing students to be highly skilled and valued employees.

There are many opportunities big and small to invest in your personal career development such as taking a class related to your field of work, attending networking events, pursuing additional certifications, establishing a LinkedIn profile, and subscribing to relevant news feeds and blogs for your field.

And there’s good news for our Waubonsee district residents. Our Career Development Center offers free career transition services to community members on topics including exploring career options, resume and cover letter writing, the importance of networking, and improving job search techniques. So if you are starting your career, want to make a career change, or simply want to know how you can make a greater impact in your current career, contact the Waubonsee Community College Career Development Center at (630) 466-2368 to learn where you can get started today.


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