About Dual Credit

Is Dual Credit Right For You

  • It gives you a jump-start on college.
  • It can help you complete a degree in a shorter period of time, which can save you money.
  • It looks impressive on college admission applications, scholarship applications, job applications, etc.
  • It eases the transition from high school to college coursework.
  • It introduces new subjects and provides new academic challenges to keep you engaged in learning.
  • There are no costly exams to determine whether or not credit is earned—the class automatically becomes part of your college transcript.

What is Dual Credit

If you take a college course to earn both high school and college credit at the same time, you are taking a dual credit course. Dual credit students are current high school students who enroll in a Waubonsee Community College course, either taught at their own high school or on Waubonsee's campus. Upon completion, students earn both high school and college credit for the course.

Dual Credit Course Locations
Waubonsee currently has partnerships with several local high schools that allow high school students to take a Waubonsee credit course right at their own high school.

If this option is not available to you, you can also take any Waubonsee credit course for which you are eligible at one of Waubonsee's four campuses or online.

Dual Credit Costs
The costs for dual credit courses taken at area high schools vary depending on the school. Ask your high school counselor for more information.

Any dual credit classes taken at Waubonsee's campuses or online are subject to the college's standard tuition and fees.

What is Dual Enrollment

High school students taking a Waubonsee course for college credit only are considered dual enrollment students. Dual enrolled students come to Waubonsee to build up your skills in preparation for college-level work or if you're trying to complete some general education requirements while still in high school, you'll want to consider our dual enrollment option.

Dual Enrollment Course Locations
Students who are dual enrolled take their college courses at one of Waubonsee's four campuses or online.

Dual Enrollment Costs
Dual enrolled students pay all standard Waubonsee tuition and fees.

How to Enroll

Students looking to take dual credit through their high school will register with a teacher or counselor from the high school. Check with your high school for more details on how to register.

To enroll in a class at a Waubonsee campus, whether for dual credit or dual enrollment, students will want to make an appointment with Admissions by calling 630-466-7900 ext. 5756.

All high school students must meet college requirements for courses, including prerequisites, before registering. Some courses may require placement testing to determine a student's skill level before enrolling. Placement can be determined by ACT scores, SAT scores, PARCC scores or Accuplacer test results. To schedule a placement test, please contact the Learning Assessment and Testing Services.

High school students are encouraged to register for Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) general education courses to ensure the highest level of transferability. The IAI code is designated after each course’s description in Waubonsee’s college catalog and credit course schedule.

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