Mass Communication
Major Code: 970B

Associate in Applied Science

This degree is intended for individuals interested in working in the fields of television, film, Internet and/or radio broadcasting as announcers, radio/TV producers, camera operators and directors. The program utilizes Waubonsee’s television studio in preparing students for this medium.

Although the intent of this degree program is occupational, many courses within the program are individually articulated with four-year colleges offering radio/TV programs in order to facilitate continued study at a four-year institution. Courses are aligned with IAI courses when possible.

General Education Requirements18

  • COM100 Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
  • ENG101 or ENG152 English3
  • ENG102 or ENG153 English3
  • PSY100 Introduction to Psychology3
  • Humanities/Fine Arts elective3
  • Math or Science elective3

Program Requirements25-27

  • MCM130 Introduction to Mass Communication3
  • MCM140 Television and Media Production I3
  • MCM201 Broadcast Writing3
  • MCM205 Basic Broadcast Announcing3
  • MCM211 Introduction to Radio Production3
  • MCM215 Basic News Writing3
  • MCM245 Mass Media Ethics and Laws3
  • MCM280 Mass Communication Capstone: The Business, Media and Careers of TV/Internet/Radio/Film3
  • ITS297 or ITS298 or ITS299 Internship1-3


Select electives from the courses listed.

  • COM110 Voice and Diction3
  • COM115 Online Communication3
  • COM121 Communication in the Workplace3
  • COM135 Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications3
  • COM150 Intercultural Communication3
  • COM200 Advanced Speech Communication3
  • MCM240 Television and Media Production II3
  • MCM243 Film Production3
  • MCM296 Special Topics/Mass Communication1-3
  • MUS110 Careers in Music2
  • MUS211 Introduction to the Recording Studio3
  • MUS213 Advanced Studio Recording3
  • THE110 The Art of Oral Interpretation3

Total Semester Hours for Degree58-60