Interpreter Training
Major Code: 660B

Associate in Applied Science

Interpreter training is an Associate in Applied Science degree that trains people to be sign language interpreters for the Deaf. Interpreter training was the first program of its kind established in Illinois in 1975 and is currently one of six programs within the state. Waubonsee's program provides students with the opportunity to become proficient in American Sign Language and gain knowledge of Deaf culture.

First Semester15

  • ENG101 First-Year Composition I3
  • PSY100 Introduction to Psychology3
  • SGN101 American Sign Language I3
  • SGN104 Signs of Everyday Use3
  • SGN105 Linguistics of ASL I3

Second Semester15

  • ENG102 First-Year Composition II3
  • SGN102 American Sign Language II3
  • SGN106 Linguistics of ASL II3
  • SGN108 Conceptually Accurate Signed English3
  • SGN110 Introduction to American Deaf Culture3

Third Semester18

(All third-semester ITP courses must be taken concurrently.)

  • COM100 Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
  • ITP200 Introduction to Interpreting +3
  • ITP210 Etymology for Interpreters +3
  • ITP211 Transliterating I +3
  • ITP221 Interpreting I +3
  • ITP231 Sign to Voice I +3

Fourth Semester18

(All fourth-semester ITP courses must be taken concurrently and after successful completion of all third semester ITP courses.)

  • ITP212 Transliterating II +3
  • ITP222 Topics in Interpreting +3
  • ITP223 Interpreting II +3
  • ITP230 Specialized Areas of Interpreting +3
  • ITP232 Sign to Voice II +3
  • Math or Physical and Life Sciences elective3

Fifth Semester3

  • ITP290 The Interpreter as Practitioner +3

Total Semester Hours for Degree69

+ Program admission required for enrollment.