Criminal Justice
Major Code: 550B

Associate in Applied Science

The criminal justice degree is designed to meet the needs of individuals seeking employment in the field of law enforcement and corrections. The courses are both practical and theoretical and are supported by courses in the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities. The design of this degree, while not a transfer degree, can allow for transfer to a four-year institution with the advice of criminal justice faculty and/or counselors.

General Education Requirements18

Major Program Requirements33

  • CRJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice3
  • CRJ101 Introduction to Corrections3
  • CRJ103 Criminal Justice Report Writing3
  • CRJ105 Patrol Operations3
  • CRJ107 Juvenile Justice3
  • CRJ120 The American Court System3
  • CRJ200 Criminal Investigation3
  • CRJ220 Criminal Law3
  • CRJ230 Criminology3
  • CRJ235 Multicultural Law Enforcement3
  • CRJ250 Ethics in Criminal Justice3

Additional Program Requirements4


Select electives from the courses listed below.

  • CRJ102 Criminal Justice Career Exploration2
  • CRJ115 Accident Investigation3
  • CRJ201 Crime Scene Investigation Laboratory3
  • CRJ202 Drug Enforcement Investigation3
  • CRJ226 Criminal Evidence3
  • CRJ260 Leadership in Criminal Justice3
  • CRJ296 Special Topics/Criminal Justice1-3
  • DIS101 Disability in Society3
  • HSV210 Psychopharmacology and the Addictive Process3
  • PED118* Personal Defense1
  • PED141* Jogging1
  • PED142* Weight Training1
  • PED148* Conditioning1
  • PSY226 Adolescent Psychology3
  • ITS297 Internship1
  • ITS298 Internship2
  • ITS299 Internship3

Total Semester Hours for Degree60

* A maximum of 4 semester hours pf PED activity courses may apply to a degree or certificate.