Special Interest Organizations

Waubonsee offers students an opportunity to explore a variety of interests and interact with students sharing these interests through student organizations.

On Free Compliment Day, students in Segue brighten up Waubonsee's campus by offering students, faculty, and staff free compliments
On Free Compliment Day, students in Segue brighten up Waubonsee's campus by offering students, faculty, and staff free compliments

Waubonsee offers students an opportunity to explore a variety of interests and interact with students sharing these interests through student organizations.

Automotive Club
The Automotive Club's purpose is to bring awareness to the many areas of the automotive industry.  It will also supplement information in areas of the automotive industry that our curriculum does not cover.  In the club, we hope to bring experience and knowledge to students interested in the automotive field by being an active part of the local automotive community, taking tours of automotive related businesses and facilities, attending automotive events, hosting training opportunities, and build relationships within the automotive industry.  The club will meet once a month and have two meeting times so full-and part-time students have the ability to be involved. 
Jim Armitage, AKL 100, ext. 2308
Kenneth Kunz, AKL 100, ext. 2331
Guy Tiberio, AKL 100, ext 2731
Rudy Haverkamp, AKL 100, ext 3113

Waubonsee Christian Athletes Club
The purpose of the club is to have a venue for non-denominational Christian athletes to unite and share their faith as it relates to life and sports.
Brad Schlemmer, FLD 174, ext. 2524

The Deaf Club
The purpose of the Deaf Club is to encourage Deaf leadership, promote Deaf cultural awareness, and provide peer support for all members of the Deaf community.
Katie Thomas, DWNTN 366, (630) 405-6109

Delta Sigma Omicron
Membership is open to all students with an interest in advocating on behalf of or working with individuals with disabilities.
Lisa Egner, STC 201E, ext. 2482

Gamers Club
The gamers group offers a venue for game enthusiasts to gather and discuss gaming and related issues. They host regular game nights throughout the year.
Aaron Lawler, VON 227, ext. 2861

Hip-Hop Club
The purpose of The Hip-Hop Club is to learn and practice the style of Hip-Hop and street dancing.
Allison Beltramini, BDE 202, ext. 2276
Krista Jocke, COL, ext. 3118

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
The purpose of the chapter is to become an established club at Waubonsee Community College, by witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture, and God's purpose in the world.
John Bitterman, BDE 201, ext. 2269
Dan Larsen, OPS 124, ext. 2916

Latinos Unidos
The organization provides cultural opportunities for students and fosters awareness of the richness of Latino culture. All students are welcome. Achieving Success Juntos! 
Direct Email: latinosunidoswcc@gmail.com
Rosie Carbajal-Romo, STC 264, ext. 6668
Ulysses Diaz, DWNTN 123, ext. 4692
Erika Iniguez, STC 254, ext. 2955

Movie Makers Inc.
This film production club is for students who are interested in all aspects of film creation regardless of their major.
John Bitterman, BDE 201, ext. 2269

Muslim Student Association
Muslim Student Association welcomes students from all different ethnic backgrounds to spread awareness about what Islam really teaches. This is a chance to strengthen a bond with many different students and promote friendly relations between Muslims and Non-Muslims.
Amy Chaaban, AKL 216, ext. 2735

Off the Hook
The purpose of Off the Hook is to take our crochet and knitting hobbies and use them to improve the community.
Linda Frieders, STC 249G, ext. 2920

People for Peace
The organization is dedicated to working for peace and social justice within the college community and within the broader world by spreading awareness about peaceful alternative to violence, by celebrating international peace days, and by providing speakers, promoting events and hosting activities that foster a culture of peaceful coexistence.
Ellen Lindeen, BDE 221, ext. 2998

Segue - Operation Snowball 
The Segue program of Operation Snowball provides experiences in a healthy, fun and supportive environment that explores alcohol, tobacco and drug issues, knowledge, pressures and expectations (and other unhealthy behaviors) unique to college students in order to enhance student success.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WaubonseeSegue
Allison Beltramini, BDE 202, ext. 2276
Michael Moran, APC 276, ext. 246

The goals of Spectrum are to encourage acceptance of the diverse populations of our school; create a safe environment for all students; and dismantle stereotypes about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and students who may be questioning identities.

  •     Sponsors events marking World AIDS Day, National Coming Out Day, and The Day of Silence
  •     Fundraising for compatible community organizations
  •     Field and conference trips

Jill Pierson, STC 249E, ext. 2962

Student Leadership Council
Join this fun, passionate group of students as they focus on planning campus events for the student body year round. From musicians to comedians, volunteering to dodge ball, and movies to philanthropic fundraisers, this group gets to decide, plan and execute the events they think students will enjoy. The Student Leadership Council (SLC) also focuses on mini leadership sessions for members as well as collaborating with student organizations to make the most out of student experiences at Waubonsee!
Meg Junk, STC 125, ext. 6608

Students for a Diverse Society (SDS)
This organization works to dispel misinformation about and create dialogue among diverse peoples, cultures, and societies.
Vaseliki (Vicky) Archos, BDE 111, ext. 6696
Aaron Lawler, VON 227, ext. 2861

Students Organizing Sustainability (S.O.S.)
S.O.S promotes sustainability issues to Waubonsee students, faculty, staff and the community through a variety of campus activities.
**Sponsors various "green" events on campus, including an Earth Day event
Danielle DuCharme, SCI 116, ext. 2345
David Voorhees, SCI 230, ext. 2783

Swing Dance Club
Waubonsee Swing Dance Club will teach and educate those who are interested in the dance styles referred to as Swing Dance, which includes, but is not limited to: East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Hustle. These styles will be taught at a socially acceptable level for any social dance scenarios.
Dr. Nancy Christensen, SCI 224, ext. 2472
Alfred Weiss, SCI 232, ext. 2720

Waubonsee Veterans Club/SALUTE
The Veterans Club serves to connect student veterans on campus and to provide opportunities for camaraderie between individuals with similar backgrounds and experiences. The group also serves as a peer network.

  • Sponsors a chapter of SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society for members
  • Assists with college Veterans Day event
  • Sponsors veterans meetings and social gatherings

Direct Email: wccveterans@gmail.com
Heather Watson, STC 278, ext. 2091

Womyn For Womyn Alliance
Womyn for Womyn Alliance stands for exploring social issues, creating connections, and promoting the understanding of women’s issues along with gender issues. We seek to bring programs and events related to the role of gender into the lives of students, as well as promoting well-being and relationships among the student body.
Prof. Kathy Westman, APC 285, ext. 2557

World Languages Club
World Languages Club promotes a welcoming environment to learn World Languages. The organization's goal is to create members who are comfortable speaking other languages in the workplace and in their daily lives. 
Lilia Mendoza, VON 118, ext. 6630