Get in Shape with Variety of Options

Take a look at the courses we offer, along with membership options for the Total Fitness Center, located on our Sugar Grove Campus.

Types of Courses


Weight alone is a deceptive indicator of body composition.

Turn up your calorie burn while learning basic boxing techniques in this fun, high-energy 30-minute cardio circuit.

Cardio Kickboxing is a fusion of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics done rhythmically to music.

Explore your fitness options at Waubonsee's Total Fitness Center.

Explore your fitness options at Waubonsee's Total Fitness Center.

Explore your fitness options at Waubonsee's Total Fitness Center.

Explore your fitness options at Waubonsee's Total Fitness Center.

This class is designed for those who are looking to deepen their knowledge of yoga through the practices of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.

Weight management success is just a simple measurement away!

Nordic Walking is a great total body workout for anyone interested in a fun physical activity with maximum health benefits.

Learn to incorporate the components of physical fitness into your exercise plan.

Small group training is a fun way to boost your workout.

Higher Intensity. Shorter Duration. Powerful Results.

Center yourself as you become aware of your own energy while relaxing and strengthening your body.

Burn calories using the fun and dynamic TRX. The TRX suspension training system builds strength by using your own body weight and gravity.

Produce optimum results in a minimal amount of time.

Designed as an introduction to Hatha Yoga, this course focuses on the union of mind, body and breath through asana practice complemented by relaxat

Working out can be lots of things, but it's never been known to be an exhilarating experience . . . until now!

Mind & Body

Use the psychic gifts you were born with! Discover ancient scrying methods that may assist you toward future events.

Hatha Yoga is the slow and deliberate stretching of muscles and stimulation of inner organs.

Experience the benefits of Hatha Yoga.

Create more energy, more purpose, more huna with knowledge of seven simple principles, such as “energy flows where attention goes” and bringing lig

Through guided meditation, Reiki Master and Hawaiian Shaman Jana Drake will take you through your dream world and help you analyze your sleeping mo

Calm your breathing and learn to center mind and body with the ancient Hawaiian Huna tradition of “center to center” or Piko Piko meditation.

Life can bring many challenges that are not always easy to handle.

Life changes and everyday pressures can cause tension or stress in our daily lives.


Horsemanship I is for the beginning or inexperienced rider and includes English riding (Saddleseat), grooming, leading, saddling and bridling.

Horsemanship II is a continuation of skills learned in Horsemanship I, only more in-depth.