High school classes can prep you for college courses

Of course, the work you do in your high school classes will help you obtain your high school diploma. But don't lose sight of the advantage those classes can give you when you reach college. While your high school counselor can help you plan an individualized path to college, there are other things you can do as you look ahead to the next steps of your academic journey.

  • Take four years of high school math. This will help keep your skills sharp and may help you avoid placing into a developmental class (<100 level) as a college freshman.
  • Take college preparatory, enriched and honors courses. Keep in mind that Waubonsee offers dual credit courses at area high schools, which means you can earn college credit at the same time.
  • Take elective courses that develop background knowledge, such as sociology, psychology, geography, anthropology, philosophy, biology, chemistry and physics. If you don't have time to take these during the year, you may be able to take them through Waubonsee's High School Summer Program.
  • Develop strong communication skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.