Photo of Joel Ledbetter

My experience has been really good. I like that it is part of the community. There are a lot of outstanding professors here. 

Joel was born in Alexandria, Louisiana but grew up in Cortland, Illinois. He graduated from Kaneland High School in 2016 and started taking classes at Waubonsee that fall studying business at Waubonsee. He plans to switch to studying data analytics when he transfers to Northern Illinois University this fall. 

While at Waubonsee, Joel was a chair of the Student Leadership Council. This gave him many opportunities to get involved in student and community events, something he found very rewarding. 

His advice to all students everywhere is to get involved. Get the most out of the college experience you can. 

Joel was selected to be the student speaker at the 2018 commencement ceremonies. As part of his remarks to his fellow graduates, he said: 

For all of you, Waubonsee is your early dawn. It is just the beginning of all that I know you are capable of. This is just your sunrise. Now it is up to you to find and achieve your sunset. Congratulations class of 2018 and thank you.