2022-2023 Student Senate

Waubonsee Community College announced the names of the student government for the current academic year. The members of Waubonsee’s 2022-2023 student government are:

  • Juan Chiu, of Aurora; Student Trustee 
  • Angel Camarillo-Tolentino, of Aurora; Student Senate President
  • George Alba, of Oswego; Student Senate Vice President
  • Christopher Salgado, of Aurora; Student Senator
  • Anisa Landrum, of Plano; Student Senator
  • Albino Rosales, of Sandwich; Student Senator
  • Riff Talsma, of Montgomery; Student Senator
  • Zhenhuan Lei, of Montgomery; Student Senator
  • Maria Jurado, of Aurora; Student Senator

The student government provides leadership opportunities for students, as well as a channel of communication between college administrators and the student body. The student government leaders sit on many college committees and provide student perspective and feedback to the college leadership. The student government leaders were introduced to the college’s board of trustees at its November meeting.

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