Portrait of Aaron Lawler
Assistant Professor of Humanities, Dr. Aaron Lawler

A Waubonsee Community College faculty member has been recognized by the American Association of Community Colleges. Dr. Aaron Lawler, Assistant Professor of Humanities, was awarded the 2021 Dale P. Parnell Faculty Distinction Recognition. This award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond what is required to ensure that students succeed in their academic endeavors.

Dr. Lawler has served as a full-time Assistant Professor of Humanities at Waubonsee since 2015. He has published several peer-reviewed and academic articles. A passionate educator and advocate of the arts, Dr. Lawler believes that the humanities are the soul of society. He uses various approaches to develop student’s creativity, critical thinking, writing skills, and self-reflection.

Dr. Lawler serves as an advisor to Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Sigma Lambda, and Students for a Diverse Society. Students for a Diverse Society is a place for students to share and experience cultures through food, stories, customs, and traditions to increase students’ cultural capital.

In addition to teaching and student advising, Dr. Lawler also serves on the college’s Cares/Food Insecurity Committee and the Text Book Affordability Task Force. He gives presentations on leadership, assessment, learning strategies, and writing events outside of the college.

Dr. Lawler earned a B.A. in Illustration and K-12 Education at North Central College, an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Humanities at North Central College, an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction at Concordia University, and a Ph.D. in Educational Philosophy at Concordia University.

The Dale P. Parnell Distinguished Faculty Designation recognizes individuals making a difference in the classroom. It was named in honor of former AACC President and CEO Dale P. Parnell. Each year, the AACC recognizes community college faculty who have excelled in their chosen fields. Recipients for the faculty distinction recognition demonstrate a passion for the students and the classroom and show a willingness to support students inside and outside of the classroom.

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