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Waubonsee Brings High School Faculty On Campus to Tackle College Readiness

Female teacher stands in front of a large screen with PowerPoint projected and addresses a crowd.
Teri Fuller, an Assistant Professor of English at Waubonsee Community College, addresses college and high school faculty at Waubonsee’s College and Career Readiness Summit in February. Taking place at Waubonsee’s Sugar Grove Campus, the event brought together faculty and staff from the college and 16 area high schools to discuss student success.

Waubonsee Community College hosted its second College and Career Readiness Summit at the Sugar Grove Campus on Feb. 21. The event brought together faculty and staff from Waubonsee and 16 area high schools to discuss ways to better prepare students for college and the work world.

“Our collaboration, conversation and partnerships make a difference in the communities we serve,” said Waubonsee President Dr. Christine Sobek. “We are committed to working together to ensure smooth transitions for our students.”

Waubonsee’s Assistant Vice President of Program Development and Distance Learning Jane Regnier, who heads up the college’s Readiness Team, also stressed student needs. “We are all here for our students, and they are students we share,” she said.

The event featured discussions about English and math curricula at both the high school and college levels. To illustrate the expectations college faculty have for students in these areas, portfolios containing sample syllabi and assignments were distributed to the high school faculty.    

As a result of requests from last year’s summit, Waubonsee now issues reports to individual high schools summarizing their students’ scores on the college’s placement tests. This allows schools to see which courses best prepare students for college success. 

There was also a student services session that focused on transitioning students with special needs, as well as the technological skills all students need to be effective in college and in a career.