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Judging and Prizes

The following criteria will be used to judge each entry:  

  • Creativity: The degree of originality and insight. How well the entry would capture and keep the attention of those it seeks to motivate.  
  • “Production” Value: The overall quality of the look, feel, sound, tone, readability, thoroughness, and professionalism of the finished products and the written descriptions.
  • Potential to Inspire: The degree to which the entry would affect motivation and persistence in positive ways.
  • Clarity and Logic of the Written Description: Analyzes the strength of connection between the finished products and the written descriptions.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: All styles and formats will be judged using these same criteria. There are no separate categories for each style or medium. A series of videos will be judged alongside a series of poems or posters, etc.  

In late April 2015, an Awards Ceremony will be held to announce the three entries considered to be the Most Inspirational.