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Waubonsee Students Spend Spring Break Volunteering

Instead of hitting the beach for a week of relaxation, a group of Waubonsee Community College students are spending their spring break volunteering in Pulaski, Virginia through an organization called Beans and Rice INC.

During the week, the Waubonsee students are volunteering in programs helping to alleviate poverty related issues, such as after-school programs, food insecurity issues, gardening projects and working with community groups on restoration projects that help with blight and housing services.

This marks the second year that the college has sent a group of volunteers to participate in what is known nationally as the Alternative Spring Break program. Last year, the inaugural college group traveled to Dayton, Tenn., where helped build a portion of an ambitious, 300-mile Cumberland Trail.

The students are keeping a blog,, tracking their fundraising efforts and preparations, and will continue to log reports about their experiences daily during the trip.

Students taking part in the trip are: Blanca Perez, Montgomery; Carlos Diego, Aurora; Daniel Gehrke, Morris; Hailey Edwards, Oswego; Joseph Hendrickson, Geneva; Joseph Zubek, Yorkville; Melanie Hughes, New Lenox; Michael Mueller, Aurora; Miracle Maddox, Aurora; Natosha Ginter, Batavia; Yosemite Pinedo, Aurora; Sabrina Ortega, Aurora. They are being accompanied by Pam Brooks, Waubonsee Assistant Professor of Nurse Assistant/Allied Health and Dr. Nancy Christensen, Waubonsee Assistant Professor of Chemistry.