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Waubonsee Names Motivate to Complete Winners

From Left: Juan Vizcarra, Jorge Arciniega, Erin Carmack, Waubonsee President Dr. Christine Sobek, Dr. Deborah Lovingood, Larry Modaff

For the second consecutive year, Waubonsee Community College has named winners in a competition calling on students to produce mixed media announcements to inspire themselves and their peers to accomplish their educational goals.

The Motivate to Complete: Students Inspiring Students to Finish What They Start Competition was started last year by Larry Modaff, Waubonsee Professor of Communications. This year, there were a total of 19 entries judged by a panel of three students, three faculty members and three administrators.

First place won $500, second place won $350 and third place won $200. This year’s winners are as follows:

First Place – Erin Carmack, “Pictures Speak Volumes”

Second Place – Jorge Arciniega and Juan Vizcarra, “Every Move Counts”

Third Place – Jorge Arciniega and Juan Vizcarra, “Finish It…You Can!”

Honorable Mention – Peter DeGuzman, “Road Map to Success.”